Nov 6, 2010

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The intriguing duo of Unfettered & Benji (aka Ben Wright-Smith), who brought you past aural journeys "From ghetto to gospel" and "Buried in space", deliver a mix for the second installment of this podcast series that is bound to test people's open mindedness.

Feeding off each other's diverse range of influences in order to create something decidedly unique, this venture lands them both in somewhat uncertain and surreal territory – yet together there is no place they would rather be.

Benji, an extremely talented musician in his own right, is a folk rock singer-songwriter who combines styles such as folk, blues, jazz and rock & roll, together with lyrics that are often allegorical and unearthly in nature. Whilst much of his work is minimalist and acoustic, Ben Wright-Smith’s Nowhere Quartet can now be seen live performing his work.

With such contrasting sensibilities being reconciled within such a short space in time, it is imperative that any pre-conceived conceptions regarding these two artists are dispensed with before proceeding any further.


1. The Flaming Lips - The Observer // PIAS America
2. Nosaj Thing - Voices // Alpha Pup Records
3. Matthew Dear - Honey // Ghostly International
4. Vakula - Sun Down // Doppelschall
5. Matthew Herbert - Leipzig // Accidental
6. Move D - I've Been On Drugs // Source Records
7. Drum Breaks - Hateful Moments // Nu Groove Records
8. Terrence Parker - Play-ah Hate-ah // Studio !K7
9. The Lady Blacktronika - It's All About Survival (I Heart Huckaby Mix) // Deep Explorer Music
10. Dimomib - Moving On Sinewaves //
11. Anton Zap - Party Down Dub // Millions Of Moments
12. Aybee - Shelf In Space // Further Records
13. Reggie Dokes - The Skin I'm In // Third Ear Recordings